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Ordering Instructions

Although nozzles are named and grouped according to their most popular use, many have multiple applications.  Order a variety of nozzles and associated tools to be ready for most cleaning challenges.  For those tough emergencies, compare the problem situation with tool descriptions on the following pages, then call 1-800-633-7696 a product specialist will help you select the right tool for the job.  Always mention special conditions such as lateral line applications.
Remember, front jet is standard on all Shamrock nozzles except the rotator nozzles.  Many nozzles may be ordered without the front jet on request.  Nozzles ordered for flow rates of 80 gpm or higher have 10 rear jets.  All 1/2" nozzles can be used on 1/2" or 5/8" hose.
Proper selection depends upon the hose size, flow rate and pressure of your pumping equipment.  Use the tables below to order the best nozzles for your equipment.
1. Identify the inside diameter of your hose.
2. Match your hose diameter
to the corresponding effective
flow rates of the desired nozzles
in the catalog. Nozzles are sized
to produce maximum service. 
Some nozzles are available only
in a certain size range to assure top efficiency and long service.
3. Then identify the real pressure of your pumping
equipment to purchase the
nozzles produced to work
best on your equipment.
(inside diameter)
(gallons per minute)
(pounds per square inch)
A      1/8"
A     3
A     1000
B      1/4"
B     4
 B     1200
C      3/8"
C     5
 C     1450
D      1/2"
D     6
 D     2000
E      3/4"
E      8
 E     2500
F         1"
F     10
 F     3000
G   1 1/4"
G     12
 G     4000
H   1 1/2"
H     14
 SPCL     special order
I     18
J     20
K     25
L     30
M     35
N     40
O     45
P      50
Q      55
R      60
S      65
T      70
U      80
V      90
W    100
X     110
Y     120
Z     130
AA   140
AB   150
SPCL     special order


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