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Tertiary Commercial Nozzles

Tertiary Commercial Nozzles include cleaning and rotating nozzles. They are designed to clean the entire circumference of the pipe and should be used after running a Primary Commercial Nozzle and a Secondary Commercial Nozzle.


The 1/2" Button Nozzle by Shamrock is a general purpose flushing nozzle designed for turns and bends in sanitary lines.


The 1/2" Grease Nozzle by Shamrock is a smooth, streamlined nozzle designed to penetrate and clear blockages. It is perfect for pipes with steeper grades.


The 1/2" Rotator Nozzle by Shamrock features a dual application design to effectively clean small sewer pipes (4-12") and P-traps as small as 4".


The 1/2" Huracan® is a slow rotating nozzle which allows for a thorough cleaning of any pipe. Internal dampening fluid is used to allow a controlled rotation.