Price Match Minus 5% Guarantee

At Shamrock, we take pride in our products and want to offer the best prices to our customers every time. If you find a lower price on a comparable product from a competing brand (including shipping and delivery fees), we will match the price and give an additional 5% discount. (Price match will take into account any shipping and delivery fees. For example, if a competitor is offering an item at $50 plus $10 shipping, the match price will be $60 minus 5% for a total of $57 shipped.) Simply submit proof of the competitor’s current price via the submission form below. Our price match policy doesn’t apply to certain brands, installation labor, discontinued, clearance, refurbished, used or damaged items. Limited to reasonable quantities. Can’t be combined with other discounts. Additional restrictions apply. Ask a sales associate or visit to receive more details. We have compiled a Q&A list on some common topics concerning our price match policy.

Shamrock Price Match
and we will give you an additional 5% off


    What’s considered a competitor when requesting a price match?

    A competitor is defined as any company which includes products within the same market as Shamrock Pipe Tools, LLC. Auction sites or third-party marketplace sellers do not qualify as competitors. Shamrock must be able to successfully validate the price on the local competitor’s website or ad in order to complete the price match. If the price can’t be validated, Shamrock may decline to price match.

    How do I request a price match?

    You may contact a Shamrock sales associate at (800) 633-7696 or fill out the form above with your price match request. After you tell us about the item and price you want to match, we’ll verify the information before completing the price match.

    What qualifies as proof of a price when requesting a price match?

    If you have the competitor’s advertisement, please upload the entire printed ad or a photo of the ad. Digital versions of printed advertisements are accepted. A Shamrock sales associate will then verify the match.

    Does an item have to be in stock to receive a price match?

    Competitor items must be in stock on the competitor’s website or at their facility at the time a price match is requested. Shamrock can’t honor a price match request if items are out of stock at Shamrock during the time of the request.

    Can I apply the price match to a purchase of a large quantity of items?

    Shamrock reserves the right to limit requests to reasonable quantities. If you’re looking to buy a significant quantity of a specific item, please contact a Shamrock sales associate to see if a volume discount is available.

    Are there any prices Shamrock Pipe Tools, LLC won’t match?

    The price match policy doesn’t apply to installation labor, clearance, discontinued products and refurbished, used or damaged items. Shamrock also won’t match a competitor’s rebate offers, sales tax promotions, senior discounts, buy-one-get-one-free sales or advertising/pricing errors.

    How does the Price Match Guarantee apply to coupons?

    Shamrock doesn’t match competitors’ coupons. Customers can either use a Shamrock coupon or price match to a lower competitive price but not both. Shamrock doesn’t allow coupons to be used on a product that has a price match.

    What should I do if I find an item or pricing error on

    Shamrock reserves the right to change or update information and to correct errors or omissions at any time without prior notice. If you find an error, please call Shamrock at (800) 633-7696. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Shamrock Pipe Tools, LLC may amend these terms at any time. Effective: September 25, 2017