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The Spring Blades from Shamrock are used with the Spring Blade Chuck as a finishing tool to cut roots.


*This catalog item is just the skid for the Contractor Duty root cutter.


The Spring Blade Chuck from Shamrock is a replacement chuck for the Blade Style Cutter.


The Concave Root Saw Blade from SRECO Flexible is designed to protect the teeth from the walls of the pipe while increasing the strength of the blade.


The Chain Cutter 1.5 Kit from Shamrock is powered by a jetting machine and is designed to scrape the full pipe diameter. It removes grease, scale, and roots from the interior of collection lines. The minimum operating flow for this chain cutter using a ¾” machine is 25 gpm. Using a 1” machine, this cutter can handle a maximum flow up to 90 gpm.


The Concave Root Saw Coupling by Shamrock is for bolt-on saws and includes a hex cap screw, a cross bolt and a lock nut.


The Contractor Duty is a water jet root cutter which cleans pipes 6-18".


The 903 Small Pipe Root Cutter is a water jet root cutter which cleans pipes 3-10".