Shamrock Helps Hurricane Harvey Victims

One of the most devastating hurricanes to enter the Gulf of Mexico hit our neighbors in Texas on August 25th, 2017. It wasn’t soon after that reports of devastation and flooding started to occur. These reports were all too familiar to the families of Louisiana who had weathered Katrina and the 1000-year flood. It was during both floods that the citizens of Texas came to Louisiana’s aid bringing much needed supplies and eager volunteers. After the devastation from Harvey, the team at Shamrock Pipe Tools decided to send out supplies and volunteers to help out the families impacted by this natural disaster.

On August 30th, while many cities in Texas were still flooding, Shamrock’s team formulated a plan to help out families who were displaced from their daily routines. After contemplating the problem at hand, the leadership group got in contact with the Cajun Navy and located a convoy heading to Texas. Without hesitation, Shamrock graciously offered two sprinter vans and filled them with basic necessities, such as food, water, diapers, etc.., Despite warnings that the route was dangerous and the possibility that both vans could be damaged, the company realized that humanitarian efforts came before any assets.

The convoy to Texas consisted of two sprinter vans from Shamrock and 8 other volunteers in trucks and trailers. The convoy left Baton Rouge early on August 31st and headed for Port Arthur, Texas.  Though the hurricane had already moved north at this point, the water was still rising and flooding continued. Upon arrival in Port Arthur, the team noticed that flood waters were rapidly rising making many roads inaccessible. Due to the flooding, the Red Cross was unable to supply their emergency shelters with food and water. The convoy fought to find a way into the flooded city to supply food and water to the people taking refuge at the unsupplied shelters. Despite the conditions, the convoy safely made it to one shelter to deliver supplies.

Shamrock will continue to provide support to our neighbors in Texas, as well as Florida, as we know the months to follow will be some of the hardest. Our thoughts and prayers remain with our neighboring states impacted by the recent natural disasters.

**Shamrock is currently donating 10% of each storm drain nozzle purchase to hurricane Harvey & Irma victims. To view our storm drain nozzles, click the button below.

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