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Rodding Tools



This SRECO-FLEXIBLE® tool is made for grooved couplings.


This SRECO-FLEXIBLE® wrench tool is for assembly and disassembly of rod nuts into and out of couplings.


The SRECO-FLEXIBLE flat, spiral steel blade features cutting edges on both the front and back sides to cut in both directions.


The Bar Turning Handle is an excellent auxiliary tool from SRECO-FLEXIBLE® for light turning.


This SRECO-Flexible tool has two smooth, small sharply pointed prongs to snare root growth and other accumulated obstructions.


The Lower Manhole Rigid Rod Guide has been engineered and formed by SRECO-FLEXIBLE® to provide accurate positioning of rods when entering the line.


The One Man Rod Turning Ratchet by SRECO-FLEXIBLE® is a combination of two rod turning ratchets in one tool.


The Pick-Up Tool by SRECO-FLEXIBLE® tool is used to retrieve a string of rods which have broken off in the sewer.


This SRECO-Flexible tool is designed to thread through a sewer line that has heavy deposits which may restrict other cleaning tools from passing by.


The Pull-Out Tool by SRECO-FLEXIBLE® is used to slide on a rod, then down over the coupling to hand-push a string of rods into the line.


The Pull-Out Turning Handle by SRECO-FLEXIBLE® can be used to push, pull or turn rods.

The Rod Guide Hose is a SRECO-FLEXIBLE product