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Primary Municipal Nozzles

Primary Municipal Nozzles are the first nozzles used to clean stoppages and blockages within large lines. They are for unclean, unchecked, undone pipe and are run quickly through pipes to break blockages and level out piles of debris.


The 18° Super Flusher by Shamrock is a heavy duty nozzle designed for mainline work in 8" or larger pipe.


The 3/4", 1" Grease Nozzle by Shamrock is a smooth, streamlined nozzle designed to penetrate and clear blockages. It is perfect for pipes with steeper grades.


The 3/4", 1" Tristar Chisel Nozzle by Shamrock is a great front penetrating nozzle for boring through blockages or blocked lines.


The 3/4", 1" Un-Stopper by SRECO Flexible is designed with a tip having varied orifices to provide flow to penetrate stoppages and dislodge particles.


The 3/4", 1" Universal Penetrator Nozzle from Shamrock is used to tackle root fibers, hard grease and other blockages.


The SHAMROCK-ET® by Shamrock creates a path for large flushing nozzles or penetrates hair masses, root masses, hard grease, sand and gravel.


The 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" Super Grenade Penetrator Nozzle by Shamrock is a bullet-style, heavy-duty nozzle for mainline work used to break up obstructions.


The 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" Ultimate Penetrator by Shamrock is the original penetrating nozzle which combines high flow and weight.