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The 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" Radial Short Nozzle by Shamrock is a flushing nozzle with wide angle rear jets used to clean sidewalls efficiently.


This slow precision nozzle has internal dampening fluid to provide a controlled rotation.


Swage Fittings from Shamrock accommodate a variety of hose sizes and are offered in many configurations, including male end couplings, female end couplings, and menders.


The 18° Super Flusher by Shamrock is a heavy duty nozzle designed for mainline work in 8" or larger pipe.


The 1-1/4" Boat Nozzle by Shamrock outperforms the competition when it comes to cleaning sand, silt and debris from waste water lines.


The 1-1/4" Cobia® Nozzle by Shamrock is a heavy duty, multipurpose nozzle designed to clear sludge, mud and debris from the pipe bottom.


The 1-1/4" Little Shamrock™ is a sweep steel skid nozzle designed to flush large size pipe.


The 1-1/4" SHAMROCK-ET® by Shamrock creates a path for large flushing nozzles or penetrates hair masses, root masses, hard grease, sand and gravel.


The 1-1/4" Super Grenade Penetrator Nozzle by Shamrock is a bullet-style, heavy-duty nozzle for mainline work used to break up obstructions.


The 1-1/4" Ultimate Penetrator by Shamrock is the original penetrating nozzle which combines high flow and weight.