Shamrock’s Quality Formula

Shamrock Quality Formula

Shamrock Pipe Tools has developed a winning formula for producing the quality sewer cleaning products that customers depend upon for the last 30 years. Shamrock nozzles, the heart of our products, have a reputation for increasing a contractor’s profit through dependability and efficiency. All of our products receive the same attention to detail in production. We use three main keys to guarantee this, and they are Innovative tested design, appropriate raw materials and Precise Manufacturing Processes.

Innovative, Tested Design
By listening to customers and monitoring the industry, SPT engineers anticipate needs and design new products. Every prototype is tested. Shamrock Pipe Tools uses a diesel powered test unit with a high capacity pump to take every new nozzle prototype beyond its working range to see what it will do. Manufacturing does not begin until the nozzle design has been proven at its rated level. Even poorly designed or manufactured nozzles can perform at their rated level once, but a tested new design performs at its rated level from the first to the last use.

Appropriate Raw Materials
Only the most appropriate metal is used in every product. The most appropriate material is not necessarily the least expensive. Shamrock Pipe Tools uses only tool quality metals such as knife-grade stainless steel and the hardest aluminum in its nozzles in order to guarantee designed performance and wear. For example, SPT tested various wear resistant materials for its jet inserts before finding the right product. SPT discovered that a carbide insert, properly manufactured, outlasts an insert made of any other material. Inserts examined after 10 years of service were found usable.

Precise Manufacturing Processes
Precise, computerized machining practices eliminate imperfections in each nozzle that can disrupt flow or degrade performance. After machining, Shamrock Pipe Tools heat treats many of the nozzle styles to guarantee tight, efficient streams of water that transfer all of the nozzle’s horsepower to the sides of a pipe where they are needed.

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